About Activities

Borjomi Likani Hotel constantly tries to make your stay as fun as possible. The indoor activities of the hotel include table tennis, billiard, Karaoke nights, live music and different thematic events throughout the year. But the most interesting part starts outside the building. The territory of the hotel spread on 43 ha is ideal for various leisure activities. You can try yourself in the archery, shooting, volleyball or basketball or visit the Summer Palace of Grand Duke Nicholas Mikhailovich of Russia resided in the depth of the park.

What is better than to spend your day in riding a horse or a bicycle? Extreme sports lovers can also enjoy rafting under professional supervision as well. A 10 km river track ends just in front of our hotel.

The hiking tour is just another way to enjoy Borjomi Likani Hotel. Petre Fortress is located on the high top of rocky mountain, 2-3 km away from Likani. The guided tour lasts for about 2 hours, giving you the chance to enjoy the beautiful views of Borjomi gorge and make memorable photos.

Borjomi Likani Hotel is mostly focused on developing of its activities to enrich your choice in future.

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